• Sophie Whitmarsh

Murder Mystery Fun

I thought I would share with you our Murder Mystery Evening experience. Katie (13) went all out to produce a fun filled evening for us during lockdown. It is so difficult to keep things fresh and exciting every day, so it's important to have something to look forward to.

The backstory - Lord Nayler is the founder of one of the finest breweries in Europe. But behind the scenes it wasn't so pleasant. There were arguments, money was going out, but not coming in and people were getting greedy. Last night Lady Jane Nayler found her father in law and founder Lord Nayler, dead in the study..... and the investigating fun began.

Katie had very cleverly put together a series of clues hidden about the house for us to find. We were all given characters, and information about our characters that we could share. And it all began when the body was found in the study after we had all eaten dinner....

Chloe, played miss Scarlet (Lord Naylers granddaughter) outgoing and beautiful, she wants money and wealth, so when her grandfather declines her request to join the family business what does she do?

Katie, played the host and tried to put us off...

Rachel, played Mrs Blanch White, a 62 year old cook and housekeeper, with little to show for decades of dedicated service, she now wants compensation...

I played Lady Jane Nayler - not too fond of her father in law, but when disaster strikes she wants to stand by her husband Alfred Nayler.

Andy played Sir Alfred Nayler - the only son of Lord and Lady Nayler, after lady Nayler passed he became distant from his father Lord Nayler. But is keen to find his killer...

Jo, played Sir Phillip Gray - a business man working for the Nayler family business.. sometimes gets aggressive. What will he do when he hgets turned down by Lord Nayler...?

It really was a great evening, it took a bit of planning on Katies part, but the rest of us just turned up in our costumes, which we just found from our existing wardrobes. It was great to make an effort, put some make up on and just really enjoy ourselves.

It would be really wonderful to hear from some of you, what you are getting up to during lockdown? Why don't you comment in the comments box below or send me a message. Don't forget that you can share these posts on facebook and twitter too, either by clicking the facebook or twitter icons below, or at the top of the home page. I'll be back with more blogs later this week. Have a great Easter weekend...


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