• Sophie Whitmarsh

Recommended Reads

4 of my favourite reads at the moment. Not necessarily new, but I'm enjoying them. I cannot possibly rank them I'm afraid, because they are all so different and wonderful. All of these books can be found at most major booksellers. Im not on commission, so feel free to find them where you can!!

Full disclosure, the author of this delightful book is a friend. I bought this book the Orchid Hunter because I thought it was a nice gesture. However, the book is fantastic. If you are into botany, the book is a must. The descriptions, illustrations and photographs are just wonderful. I would also recommend this book for anyone who is interested in life in general, and the musings and reflections of a young man. The highs and lows of setting out on an adventure to catalogue 52 species of wild British Orchids in one season, something which has never been done before. I honestly haven't been able to put the book down. It's a must read.

ISBN 978-1-78072-334-1

Paula Gooder is well known for her scholarship and knowledge of the New Testament. Phoebe: a story, is in its basic form a narrative based upon Phoebe's friendship with Paul, the movements of the first Christians, and has crafted a highly plausible narrative. Paula Gooder has masterfully woven Biblical scholarship, and exploration of Pauline Theology into the book. It is both a wonderfully exciting read for anyone, and for those who want to know more about the scholarship which it's based upon there are plenty of footnotes. The story itself is immersive, and you find yourself invested in the characters and wondering what will happen next. Absolutely brilliant.

ISBN 978-1-473-66972-7

Another confession, another friend. This book, The Mirror and the Mountain, is the first in a three part trilogy, that is aimed at youngsters between 8-13 roughly. However, it is wonderful and if you liked the Narnia series, you will definitely love this. This story follows the adventures of Summer and Jonah, who end up finding themselves in a kingdom called Presadia that desperately needs saving. My kids have really enjoyed reading them, and to be honest, Ive enjoyed reading it with them. It will keep them busy over the summer thats for sure.

ISBN - 978-0-857-21912-1

I have had this book for donkeys years. It was first published to accompany an exhibition in the National Gallery in 2000. The book has some phenomenal images within its pages, 79 different pieces of art that trace the evolution of the image of Christ over the best part of two thousand years. In addition to that, the writing that accompanies the images gives a greater understanding of how people have viewed Christ and his passion, with sensitivity and brilliant scholarship. I find the images helpful for reflection as part of my own devotionals as well as an academic work.

ISBN 978-1-857-09292-9